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Toni Jalonen: Etnofutur IV -puhe 2020

Puhe pidetty Etnofutur IV -tapahtumassa 23.2.2020 Tallinnassa.

Gentlemen, my fellow Europeans. My name is Toni Jalonen, I am one of the vice chairmen of the Finns Party Youth and also a member of the nationalist group Suomen Sisu.

I’d like to start by thanking our friends at Sinine Äratus for inviting me here today, this is truly an honor for me. 

I thought long and hard about what my speech would be about, and finally decided to talk about a variety of things concerning our movement, but with a personal twist. I will talk about my awakening and what I have learned in the last few years – after all, I am the world’s leading expert in at least one topic: myself. I tried my best to make my speech short and sweet. 

Let’s start by going back in time, to the year 2015. That was a year that shook Finland and the year things began to fall into place for me. Over thirty two thousand asylum seekers, mostly from Iraq, entered our homeland and it has not been the same since. Back then I was heavily involved in the artistic scene, amateur filmmakers and whatnot. All of my friends were liberal left wingers or full on communists, and I was vaguely the same. I cared about human rights and believed in cultural relativism. Racism was a pretty repulsive idea for me and my friends. The Finns Party was a party I could never support. Most of it was just peer pressure and not thinking independently. Well, all that was about to change. 

The refugee crisis went on. At first I believed that of course we should help those in need, et cetera. Then I started to question the fact that so much resources were used for the well being of the refugees, but not for our own people, the Finns. Then all kinds of crime, including robberies and rape, became more and more common. I added two and two together and realized, that this was not right. Not only were these people not in need of help, but they clearly posed a threat for my country and my people. 

In 2016 I followed the U.S. presidential campaign. Like many others, I initially thought that Donald Trump was a joke and that he could never win, not in a million years. As the campaign went on, however, I found myself agreeing with much of what Trump said. America first did make sense. Every country should look after it’s own interests. When the election day came, I had become a Trump supporter. Lo and behold, he won. As I watched him take the stage as the president elect of the United States, I thought to myself: ”if Donald Trump can become the president, then I can become whatever I want too, and it’s going to be yuge”. Shortly afterwards I joined the Finns Party and the youth wing, and became a candidate in the municipal elections. I did not do very well in the elections, but it gave me a jump start into the world of politics. 

I became very active in the Finns Party Youth and became known for my activity and innovation, and after two years I got elected as the vice chairman. During these three years in the party and especially the Youth wing, I gradually became more based and redpilled on a number of subjects. The people I looked up to and got influenced by, slowly but surely changed from the likes of Donald Trump and Milo into the likes of Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, George Lincoln Rockwell and Ruuben Kaalep. Around 2017 and 2018 there was a lot of heated arguments in the Finns Party Youth concerning the racial and ethnic aspect of nationalism. It was during this time that I really absorbed the fact, that there’s no country without people, and no people without a bloodline. I realized that we must have something good and beautiful to fight for, and not just the vague idea of western values, which consist of secular liberalism and more and more decadence. I found this beautiful thing worth fighting for in my people, my culture, my heritage.

I started off as kind of an anti-jihadist, MAGA-style nationalist who didn’t want fake refugees coming to Finland. Today I am an ethno-nationalist, traditionalist, and a fascist. Ironically I started off thinking that Trump is a joke, and have gone full circle into thinking that Trump is a joke for whole other reasons. What happened to the wall, Donald? My awakening has been a wild ride indeed, but I am willing to continue riding the tiger. 

Probably the thing I am best known for in Finland, is the tweet last spring that was kind of a big deal. Basically I tweeted that Finland should not look like Africa, and for that I am currently under investigation for ”agitation against an ethnic group”. The ministry of education and culture canceled the funding of the Finns Party Youth partly because of the tweet, although they now granted us money for this year – albeit a bit smaller amount. 

After that incident I have been a hero to some and a villain to others. Some have even called me the best known person in the Finns Party Youth, excluding our members of parliament. I don’t know about that, but the aftermath has certainly opened my eyes about different kinds of nationalists. Some were eager to judge me and throw me under the bus, while others defended me publicly. I made the mistake of apologizing for the tweet, which of course did not affect anything, except making a stain on my conscience. After that, I made the decision never to apologize for anything I am not really sorry for. If you start backing down, you can rest assured that our enemies will make us back down until we are lying in our graves. My face has been lashed by the communist hwip, but it won’t get another chance any time soon. I will not yield in front of our enemies and neither should you. 

Despite all this I got re-elected as one of the vice chairmen of the Finns Party Youth for a second year – actually, it was a promotion. 

Now, I know lots and lots of people who complain about the state of things or the state of our movement, for example, but are not willing to put any effort in doing something about it. They make a lot of noise in the social media, but ultimately the most they ever accomplish is getting thirty day bans on Facebook. It seems that these people are waiting for some kind of a savior, who will make everything right with the snap of his fingers. I can tell you, that this one savior is not going to come. Each of us must be our own savior. 

I know from personal experience, that all it takes to organize an event is one guy, who will arrange a venue and invite speakers, for example. You don’t have to wait for some big organization to back you up – just do it. If the event is interesting and any good, people will come. And on my opinion one of the most important things we can do is create opportunities for nationalists to meet like minded people. No matter if the event is a big old party with ten international speakers, or just a group of guys getting together in a park. Just make sure, that people know about your event. Make it public and make it interesting – it will in turn make some waves. 

I organized a relatively small event with two speaker on my own last year, called Tunne juuresi, or ”know your roots”. It was easy to do and not expensive at all, and it was a success and I got a lot of positive feedback for it. I even got some offers afterwards for financial aid for future events. I know that some other people got inspired by my actions and started planning their own events. This is our movement at its best, some basic activities which get people together and inspire them to get out of Facebook and into the real world with real people. 

I’m really not the biggest supporter of the approach some nationalists have, that we should keep our real intentions a secret and play along with the leftist paradigm, and when we get the magical 51% majority in the elections, then we can reveal our true intentions and fix all our country’s problems just like that. This is most often heard from boomers, and what I like to call spiritual boomers.I often hear that the time is not right for this or that, and that we won’t get support by doing this or that. There can be some truth in it, but I think that these are just easy excuses for the boomers to be passive and carry on with their lives, since the time is not yet right for any action. Secondly, the artificially maintained image of being moderate will allow the inclusion of individuals into the movement, who are frankly hostile to our own ethnic interests. The more minorities and so called excel-nationalists join the movement, the harder it will get to advance Finnish identity politics, and identity politics is exactly what we need. The future is indeed ethnic. 

The concept of our own ethnic identity will become exponentially more important as the amount of strangers in our lands is growing. Every other group is doing identity politics – why aren’t we white Europeans doing it? This is one of the biggest threats we as Europeans face today, and we should talk about it openly, even if it’s not mainstream right now or if it won’t get votes in the next elections. If everyone is afraid to do anything because it might affect our polls negatively, then all the activity we’ll have is drinking beer in secret, squeezing our fists in our pockets and waiting for the revolution that will never come. Yeah, something could and should be done but… one more beer please. 

I mentioned the so-called Excel-nationalism. I’m talking about the kind of nationalism that is based on the capability of immigrants to pay taxes and not be a burden to society. Apparently everything is measured by typing numbers into an Excel file. Doing this kind of politics leads to the question, that will you allow one million people to come from China to work, if they just work hard and pay their taxes. How about if, for example, ethnic Finns would get replaced by some other people, but the GDP would remain the same. Would it be okay? Is there nothing more to a people than its ability to pay taxes? 

As a relatively young person myself, and having spoken to many younger people, I can tell you that young people are less and less interested in the effect immigration has on the GDP. They are instead interested in the safety of themselves and their friends. Quite frankly, they don’t want to get beaten up at school by gangs, especially negro gangs. They don’t want their sisters to be raped, skinned and burnt alive. The young people I have spoken with don’t care if immigrants are good for the economy or enriching our culture, they want them out of the country so they can live their lives in peace. 

If protecting your people in itself, no matter how dumb and lazy they are, is not something to work for, then what stops you from advancing the great replacement? These excel-nationalists know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. That’s why, in my opinion, ethnic nationalism is the only true nationalism. The Finns could be the dumbest damn people on God’s green earth, but they are still my people and I love them. 

When I joined the Finns Party, most of my friends from the art circles cut all ties with me. In these last three years I have made lots of new friends, and believe me when I say, that the ones who are still my friends after all we have endured in a world hostile to us, are most likely my friends for life. I have experienced betrayals and gained some unlikely allies. All in all this has been the best experience of my life and I do not regret getting into politics one single bit, even though it has been a bit nerve-wrecking at times. In the end it will all be worth it. Who knows what the future will bring – more problems, perhaps more victories. But us true nationalists will face them together. 

Finland is the home of the Finns. The most important mission of our political parties is defending that home of ours. The Finns are a people that has fought for the survival of their own nation and country, whenever and by any means necessary. The Finnish soil has been claimed with the blood of our ancestors, and no single generation or a handful of politicians can make the decision to sell or hand over Finland to outsiders. We have a lot to learn from our nationalist brothers in Estonia in this regard, it seems you have succeeded in the fight for your country. The Estonian and Finnish nationalists should work closely together in the decades to come. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for finno-ugric children, until once more, the Finno-Ugrics will rule our lands and we shall have, peace.